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PLC Program Training Courses

on 24 August, 2018 Education and Training 933 Views

Hindustan Automation - PLC Training Courses in Coimbatore

Learn Industrial Automation at low cost*
10 PLCs, HMI, SCADA,VFD,SERVO,ENCODERS with 100+ Industrial Concepts
For Eg:- Bottle Filling industry(Conveyor based application), Lift Concepts, Basic input/output based Concepts,Single button with multi operation Concepts,

Contact us for more details: 9843866990,

or mail us enquiries at

For every enquiry,

we conduct LIVE demo class* on Delta PLC programming, Interfacing with Delta PLC & Delta HMI, 

Hindustan Automation,
3rd Floor,Selva Agencies Building,
Near Manis theater,
Tamil Nadu,

We also conduct one day workshop in major PLCs

30 April, 2023

23 April, 2023

23 November, 2022

13 February, 2022

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