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Ingenious ways to Indulge in the Spirit of World Food Day
Ingenious ways to Indulge in the Spirit of World Food Day

16 October, 2019 by Anup Agarwal

This month is indeed full of festivals and...

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Shengzhou Tianyi Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

on 16 July, 2019 Business Machinery 87 Views

Shengzhou Tianyi Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd is famous China wall fan motor Manufacturers and standing fan motor manufacturers,Our company established in 1993 and located in the industrial zone of changle town, Shengzhou city, the center of zhejiang province. Our factory near ningbo and yiwu, only need 1 hours by bus .We makes full use of advantages of talent, technology, raw materials, management and so on. Through constantly studying, we can supply good kinds of standing/wall fan motor for sale.have successively developed series China accessories for motor manufacturers of motors suit for washing machine, range hood, air conditioner and so on. Our factory have punching machine, automatic high-speed punching machine, drilling machine, riveting China motor for air conditional manufacturers machine, oiling machine, molding machine, binding wire machine, winging machine, brush rotor machine, testing machine .

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