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Luxury Hotels in Munnar

on 10 February, 2020 Holidays 419 Views

Blanket Hotel & Spa is one of the top and best 5 star hotels in Munnar.Situated at Pallivasal, near the mystical Attukad waterfalls, this best hotel is soon becoming one of the most sought after top fives star resorts in Munnar for honeymoon couples. At Blanket Nature Hotels in Munnar, we believe that luxury is best experienced when it blends with the beauty of nature. In this context, we have gone to great lengths to make Blanket one of the best eco friendly 5 star hotels in Munnar. Best time to visit Munnar will be from December to February .Once you experience the beauty and romantic getaway that is Blanket, you will keep coming back for more.



Speciality of  Blanket Hotel & Spa

They had Swimming Pool,Wifi,Spa,Foreign Exchange,Doctor on call, Gym, Recreation Center etc...

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is a very calm area with its view of the visually attractive Attukad Falls surrounded in a rich green carpet of tea plantations and beautiful paintings. Everyone can relax muscles and bones at swimming pool as you take in the immense beauty of the surroundings. 

Free Wi-Fi

They Provided the high speed wifi connection the guests can stay connected with the Wi-Fi service.

Art Gym

They had the most modern fitness equipments in their gym. Every guest can keep up with their workout routine. The gym is like our house gym.

Recreation Centre

They had the best recreation centre Guests can unwind at the Recreation Centre by catching up on a game of Foosball,Chess, Table Tennis & Billiards.

Mountain Garden with Waterfalls

The garden is on the surrounding of the very beautiful green tea gardens facing the rock valley and the Attukad water falls. This is a haven for children & adults who is looking for relaxation from their rush life. The view from the top of the garden is breath-taking and it is a very calm place the honeymooners can write new chapters in their love stories while they take a stroll through this garden.


They offers a luxurious ayurveda spa to help refresh your body and mind. They specializes in traditional massages that are sure to detoxify and rejuvenate . They had different packages for more visit their site

  1. Thulasi Ayurveda Harmony of Mind & body

  2. Soukhya

  • Rejuvenation Theraphy Rs 

  • Herbal Face Care Rs 

  • Head and Hair Care 

     3. Express Services

  • Foot Care

  • Back and Spine Care

  • Mind Care

     4. Abhyankam and Shirodhara (Deep Relaxation)

  • Traditional Kerala Oil Massage & Shirodhara 

  • Head and Face Massage

  • Nasya

  • Sirodhara

  • Kizhi

  • Udwarthanam with Herbal Steam Bath

  • Pichu


Camp Fire Point

This is one of the special moment that we had in the days. Imagine fold in a warm cozy blanket with your loved one in the front of a warm fire. Catch the romance and love in your lives as the fire warms your hearts and brings out the singer in you. 

In House Laundry

They also provide an in house laundry service that specializes in all kinds of dress and garments. Whatever your laundry needs they have a solution for it.

Doctor on Call

This is one of their best Facilitie. 24x7 doctor is on call. They take care every guest in any medical emergencies or health related consultation.

Foreign Exchange

They have foreign exchange services offerS the best exchange rates for guests.

Yoga & Meditation

Some major types of pranayama yoga are as follows:

  • Nadi Sodhana

  • Shitali Pranayama

  • Ujjayi Pranayama

  • Kapalabhati Pranayama

  • Digra Pranayama

  • Bhastrika Pranayama

  • Bahya Pranayama

  • Bhramari Pranayama

  • Udgit pranayama

  • Anuloma & Viloma Pranayama

  • Agnisar Kriya

  • Surya Namaskar

They have Different Honeymoon packages for couples

  1. Honey Moon Package

  2. Unmatched Luxury Honeymoon

  3. Bliss Package

  4. Alluring Experience Package

  5. Royal Opulence Package

Accommodation facilities

  • Blanket Camellia

Blanket Camelia with its big glass window opening to the scenic valley, offers facilities like mini bar, 32 inch TV, Wi-Fi, iron box, safe locker, air- conditioning and hair dryer.

  • Blanket Premier

The Blanket Premier gives a picture postcard view from the balcony of the river, tea plantations, and the valley.

  • Blanket Valley Club

Offers the room with basic amenities like mini bar, hair dryer, iron box, safe locker, air- conditioning, and Wi-Fi.

  • Blanket Honeymoon Pavilion

With basic amenities like 42 inch TV, mini bar, hair dryer, iron box, safe locker, air-conditioning, and Wi-Fi etc..

  • Blanket Presidential suite

There is a coffee machine in the living room for those who are always in need of their caffeine shots, a cubicle shower washroom and other basic amenities like 42 inch TV, mini bar, hair dryer, iron box, safe locker, air-conditioning, and Wi-Fi.

For More Visit Blanket hotel & Spa

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