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11 August, 2022 by jerry mate

Es liegt auf der Give, dass der...


11 August, 2022 by jerry mate

Es liegt auf der Give, dass der...


11 August, 2022 by jerry mate

Es liegt auf der Give, dass der...

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How to find best cast iron cookware in India

on 15 March, 2021 Kitchen and Dining 2446 Views

The last decade witnessed a steep increase in the demand for cast iron cookware. Several new players joined the stage selling under their brand name. They are offering utensils made of cast iron in different shapes & sizes. The finish of the pans varies from brand to brand. There are US brands like Lodge & Meyer offering premium cast iron cookware at premium prices, that everyone can't afford. Then there are several Indian brands like providing good quality pans at reasonable prices. Vedic trends cast iron cookware comes factory preseasoned with the superb build quality & intricate design. 

In order to make a wise purchase for your first cast iron pan, one needs to look into several crucial factors as mentioned below;

Size: Which size will fit your usability is the first question that will haunt you. They come in multiple sizes like if we take a cast-iron skillet, it comes in size ranging from 6 inches to 12 inches. Choice of size depends upon the number of members in the family. 6″ & 8″ is perfect for a family of 2 members, while 10″ is perfect for a family.

Weight: Weight is the basic property of any cast iron cookware. Heavier the pan, better will be the heat retention property. The weight is proportional to the size of the pan. Best of the cast iron utensils are high on weight, thereby cooking your stuff with the right heat.

Thickness: The thickness of your cast iron cookware determines the efficacy of its performance. More the thickness, the better will be the heat retention property, but on the other side, it adds weight to your pan. 

Design & Shape: A good cast iron cookware is quite heavy in weight, hence it designs should be such that it eases your handling

Seasoning: Seasoning should be such that your cookware should act as naturally non-stick. The seasoning oil used in the seasoning also has an important role to play, few manufacturers go for cold-pressed oil, which is great for a brilliant smooth finish.

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