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29 November, 2021 by Newgen Storage


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29 November, 2021 by Karuna Yoga

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How to increase the fun of playing WM dolls

29 November, 2021 by uloversdoll

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Quor Live Search

on 3 December, 2020 Internet Broadcasts 109 Views

Quor has developed several new types of search engines and digital warning systems. It will release the different search and services in the upcoming year 2021.

In its first release, Quor provides a powerful traditional ranking* search engine built from scratch with clean history, no paid-advertisements or influential tools, no back logs and a real-time warning system*** to ensure true 100% privacy and superior quality results. Quor is the 4th largest search engine in the world in terms of the number of webpages indexed. It continuously crawls webpages from a huge variety of sources that are spread all over the world wide web. As of October 24th 2020, Quor has already crawled 1.1Bn pages and is expected to reach 20Bn pages by mid 2021.

Quor Ranking search, based on neuroscience and Deep Learning, is rapidly indexing billions of webpages. It is expected to reach full power, similar to leading search engines, by mid 2021.

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