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Svensoni Paraplanning Ltd

on 16 September, 2018 Financial Services 563 Views

Svensoni was originally founded as a provider of outsourced "Traditional" Paraplanning" to advisers - but it has grown to be so much more.

Having expanded to become the largest outsourced Paraplanning provider in the UK, with 42 paraplanners, working out of 3 locations, we are not yet content to sit on our laurels .

We strive to find new and innovative ways to help and support our advisers, which in turn enables them to become more efficient, and more profitable in all areas of their business.
What can we do for you?
Our services have expanded from just supporting your "traditional" pensions and investment advisers, and we now have a variety of options available to support Mortgage Brokers, and Defined Benefit / Final Salary Pension Specialists.

We also recently launched an advice arm, offering remote advice referrals to our advisers to offer products and services that they either are not qualified or licensed to advise on, or even simply areas where our adviser clients do not wish to trade.
What's to come?
Having invested heavily in our infrastructure and software, we will be shortly launching a replacement system for submissions, which should provide our advisers with much more detailed MI, and should help to ensure that we exceed our service standards as a norm.

Also planned fairly shortly is the ability to refer to our own in-house Pension Transfer Specialists for those not qualified in this area - all contact is remote and on a fixed fee basis - keep in mind that we deal with your clients transactionally, and work by referral, so your client ownership is never at risk.

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