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Discovering Chicago's Escort Services with BedPage

20 May, 2024 by BedPage

Chicago, a city renowned for its vibrant...

The Complete Guide to Checking Your Driving Test Appointment Online
The Complete Guide to Checking Your Driving Test Appointment Online

20 May, 2024 by ​Book Driving Test Earlier Ltd

Are you gearing up for your driving test and...

Streamlining Refinancing: A Blueprint for Success

20 May, 2024 by Chu Yao

Refinancing is a pivotal financial...

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Solidify Your Business Impression with Exceptional Contact Center Supp

on 25 February, 2021 Customer Service 583 Views

Kolaxo CCS is creating and improving the customer service personas with the help of our experienced telephone operators. The outsourced contact center services to us are helping companies to focus on their routine matter while handling customers becomes our responsibility and our professionally trained call center agents are expert in it. We always follow the law of the land either serving in United States or operating from any part of the world. We have developed a culture in our organization to not just obey customer’s instruction but also consider the laws at the same time. We are not involved in any kind of illegal or fraud activities.  Our employees are motivated to provide services that genuinely value for money. We are committed to produce beneficial results in shape of more sales or more satisfied customer base. In all the cases, the focus of our employees is to produce more results then the customer has paid us moreover meet the expected at the same time. Our service allows companies to create instant connection by appointing a real human to instantly answer every call. Our agents take every call within three rings that instantly connects your customers to your representative instead of phone tree or voicemail that irritate most of the callers and they drop call with talking to the agent.

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