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Chimney repair burlington

23 June, 2024 by Chimney repair burlington

Chimney repair burlington: Where is the...

Best Chin Liposuction Clinics: Urban vs. Suburban Options
Best Chin Liposuction Clinics: Urban vs. Suburban Options

22 June, 2024 by Royal Enfield Clinic Abu Dhabi

When considering chin liposuction, finding the...

Chimney repair troy

22 June, 2024 by Chimney repair services

Chimney repair troy: Where is the Best...

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Tasha Ingram

Tasha Ingram

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Biography Tasha Ingram Fitness is New York City’s premier personal training service. Founded in 2005, Tasha Ingram has changed the lives of many and continues to provide exceptional personal training services. Whether your goals are to build bigger biceps, lose weight, to get lean and tone, or improve back and joint health, Tasha can work with you to get the body, strength and vitality you need. She is dedicated to her clients’ and the goals they want to achieve.
Member since 13 November, 2018

Health Fitness

13 November, 2018


Tasha Ingram Fitness provides absolute personal training in New York City. Guide you the best tailored workout and diet specially planned after analyzing your current fitness level as well as...

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