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Keeping Guests Connected: A Guide to Hotel Wi-Fi Systems
Keeping Guests Connected: A Guide to Hotel Wi-Fi Systems

20 July, 2024 by RUCKUS Networks

In today's digital age, reliable and...

All You Need to Know About SA8000
All You Need to Know About SA8000

20 July, 2024 by wcharles

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Taming the Signal Storm: High-Performance Wi-Fi Solutions for MDUs
Taming the Signal Storm: High-Performance Wi-Fi Solutions for MDUs

20 July, 2024 by RUCKUS Networks

Living in a Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) like an...

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Plastic injection moulding in China

on 2 August, 2018 Business Services 983 Views

As a leading plastic injection molding company, ACO Mold was established in 2010 in Shenzhen, China. We have achieved rich experiences of design, engineering, and manufacturing value-added plastic mold and supplying molded products to customers all over the world. Equipped with state of the art machines and skilled workers, ACO Mold can provide you the high-quality products at very competitive price. Whether you need design-for-manufacturing (DFM) assistance, or are ready for production, we have a full suite of services to offer.

Members in our factory and each one is an expert in his field, fully qualified to handle the different aspects involved in the mold making processes. From producing to managing the business, the team has been selected carefully to allow growth and give our customers the premium quality products. All the Engineer members of our team have a good command over the English language to ensure effective technical communication for a rich experience in the mold project. Even you are not good at with plastic molds and part design, our team will lead you and think very details as your behalf, it will help your project going smoothly and successful.

When you consult with plastic injection molding manufacturers in China, it’s important to ask Chinese injection mold maker if they have any experience with making the sorts of molds that you want to make. You can ask for some reference customers from your own countries, to know if they are a good supplier and reliable. if possible, you can visit their facility to take a look at yourself, meet their people face to face, then you can decide if they are capable of your jobs.

ACO Mold can manufacture complete item or just components, regularly or just one-time purchases, and offer a customized assemblage, stamping and packing service when it is necessary. Our team members are skilled in their individual areas of design, mold building and plastic molding, thus no matter if you’re seeking a task to have complete plastic molding production or you just require a prototype trial, we can cater to your entire demands. And there are some factors affect the service life of the injection mold, but ACO Mold can prescribe the right medicine in the process of manufacturing, avoiding the influence of these factors in advance and making better quality injection molds. It not only greatly improves the efficiency of production, but also saves the injection mold cost.

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