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How to Protect Children From Sexual Assault

Posted on 22 June, 2021 by Tautoko Mai

Proper education and open communication is the best way to protect your children from sexual assault. The world is no longer a safe place nowadays and it would be wise to warn your children of harm that can possibly come their way. There is no use scaring them however and raising them as scared kids who are afraid to explore the world around them. Encourage a relationship of mutual trust with your child. Take time to talk and set some ground rules to help protect your kids and teenagers from sexual assault. Rape Victim Support

Star educating your child about sexual assault by talking about personal safety. The best way to start is when your children starts school and remind them every time the family goes out. It is natural to feel a bit uncomfortable about it but kids can sense it if you are uncomfortable. Talk matter-of-factly so that kids, especially teenagers, will take you seriously. How to Help Rape Victim

Tell your kids that they are special and important. Make them know that their bodies are their own and that they have the right to say no to anyone who wants to touch with certain body parts like the vagina, penis, breasts, or buttocks. Establish that they could trust you and approach you anytime someone like a stranger makes them feel uncomfortable. Tell children that there are bad people in this world who do bad things and it is not their fault if someone tries to hurt them. tautokomai

Set ground rules within the family to ensure safety and to protect your child from sexual assault. Keep reminding them, especially teenagers, about rules such as curfews. Consider the ages of your children when teaching them these lessons but kids as young as three years old can understand the most basic concepts of safety already. Another effective way to teach kids about protection is to practice their responses to emergency situations. tautoko mai

Parents must do all they can to protect their children from predators and to help their children know exactly what to do if they are ever at risk of becoming a victim of child molestation or sexual abuse.

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