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2 December, 2022 by Katherine Pierce

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2 December, 2022 by shahan

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United Arab Emirates Staple Foods Market Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2027

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Why Do People Move? The Most Common Reasons for Relocating

Posted on 25 November, 2022 by Royal Sydney Removals

There are many reasons why people choose to relocate. Some move for work, some for family, and others for lifestyle changes, including a better school district or a particular school. Australians are estimated to move house every eight years, on average. This could be due to the need for a larger house because of all the extra space needed by the family unit.

Others move to pursue a new job and augment one person’s income or expand one’s horizons. Some decide to pursue personal relationships or look for a place where they can get a fresh start after one has just ended.

Whatever the reason, relocating can be a big decision that requires a lot of thought and planning. Here are some of the most common reasons why people choose to move:


One of the reasons people move is for work. Many people relocate for employment opportunities, whether for a promotion, a career change, or to find a job. More often than not, individuals move from rural areas to major cities to find work. According to the 2016 Census, almost two-thirds of Australians live in capital cities, and people decide to move to a new place to seek employment and address financial difficulties.


Another common reason people choose to move is to be closer to family. This could be to be near grandparents, siblings, or children. This is especially common for older Australians who may want to downsize and be closer to visit family and be with family members who can help them with day-to-day tasks. The family unit extends to aunts and uncles, elderly parents, and grandparents who may be living in the family home.

Lifestyle Changes

Many people also choose to relocate to a new house for lifestyle changes. This could include wanting to live in a warmer climate, being closer to the beach, or moving to a more family-friendly neighbourhood. For some, a change of scenery is all they need to feel refreshed and invigorated if they are in a significant stage.

In the case of elderly couples, some are moving out of a starter home and onto a single story home or property in the peaceful countryside because they want to retire. The running costs of living are less expensive in the rural areas. At the same time, they get more space, additional storage space for a lifetime of memories, and they can make new friends as they move to a new neighborhood.

Cost of Living

For some people, the cost of living is a major factor in their decision to move. This could be because they’re looking for a more affordable place to live or want to save money. Moving to a cheaper area on the property ladder can help reduce household costs and leave more room in the budget for other things.


Education is another common reason people relocate: to attend a better school, be closer to family, or experience a different educational system that is within commuting distance. There are prominent schools, colleges, and universities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth, which attract students from all over the country.

In Sydney, we have the University of Sydney, the Australian Catholic University, and Macquarie University, to name a few. Thousands of students move to Sydney every year to attend one of these institutions.


Climate is a factor that can influence someone’s decision to move. For example, someone may move from a cold climate to a warmer one, or vice versa. They may also move to escape natural disasters, such as floods or bushfires. Whatever the reason, climate can be a significant factor in someone’s decision to relocate.


It is one of the most important factors to consider when relocating. It’s important to find a place in a different city that suits your needs and budget. Start your search by looking at different neighbourhoods and properties online. Once you’ve found a few places you like, schedule visits to see them in person. This will help home buyers better understand the area and decide if it’s the right fit for you.


Another important factor to consider when relocating is transportation. If you’re moving to a new city or town or just a better neighborhood, you’ll need to find out about the public transport options and whether they’re reliable and affordable. If you’re moving to a rural area, you may need to buy or lease a car. Consider transportation costs when budgeting for your move to a new town.

Relocating to a different location can be a big decision, but it can also be an excellent opportunity to start fresh in a new place. If you’re considering a move to Sydney, take the time to do your research and plan ahead, and this will help ensure that your transition to Sydney is as smooth as possible.

Royal Sydney Removals is always dedicated to delivering an excellent customer service experience. To ensure that our customers always get top-quality service and complete satisfaction, our movers in Sydney are always inspired to go the extra mile to get the job done.

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