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How To Choose A Hotel Interior Designer Or Redecorator

Posted on 27 March, 2023 by sohohospitality

Do you want to create a welcoming atmosphere for your guests? Do you want to reinforce your hospitality brand? Or do you want to enhance the functionality of your business? 


If the answers to all these questions are yes then it’s highly likely that you need to revamp the interior design of your hotel. A well-designed hotel offers a competitive edge. Apart from food and accommodation, it’s the design standards that lead to positive reviews and increased profitability. Here is how you can select the best interior designer.


Review the portfolio

Every designer has a portfolio, pay attention to it. While comparing different options, take a closer look at the portfolios. This offers you an insight into the vision and capability of the designer. By comparing the portfolio, you can find out a design whose aesthetic preferences align best with your creative ideas. 


It is important to be on the same page with your designer. Resist working with a designer whose idea of style doesn’t match your design theme. It is important for a designer to incorporate their client’s vision and reinforce the brand’s identity. 


Schedule a consultation 

If you are unable to make a sound decision based on the available portfolio, the next step should be to schedule an appointment. The vast availability of Thailand interior design companies can make it overwhelming for a beginner. However, an initial consultation can make things manageable. 


In this consultation appointment, discuss your vision with the designer. Don’t forget to mention the goals and the timeline during the consultation session. Believe your instincts, if you feel the designer is comfortable working around your vision and can deliver within the timeline, you can go ahead. Otherwise, you can continue the research. 


Review the contract

No matter how friendly a designer behaves or how strong their references are, never ignore the importance of a design contract. Make sure to have a contract with a clear outline of the scope of work and timeline. It is important to review the contract carefully to ensure that the terms are favourable for both parties. 



The pricing structure is a crucial aspect of comparing the options available. It is important to have a clear budget and communicate the same with the designer. However, it is not worth it to settle with a cheaper service for interior design in Thailand. Pay attention to their credentials and confirm whether the amount spent on design services is worth it or not. Always go with an experienced designer, whose style aligns with your vision. Even if it requires spending extra, do it. In the hospitality industry, you must be able to outperform the competition. Therefore, hiring the best designer is more beneficial than hiring a cheaper designer.


Bottom line

Selecting a designer can be a daunting task. However, you can succeed in your goals by following the tips shared above. You can also check out the portfolio by Soho Hospitality which is recognized among the best Thailand Interior Designers. 

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