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What Do You Need To Know About Forklift Training?

Posted on 27 March, 2023 by kennethbeach

Forklift training is crucial to avoid severe injuries at the workplace due to driver carelessness or improper training. The workers might get injuries like cracked & broken limbs, head injuries, etc., due to falling from the vehicle or crushing by the vehicle tipping over. To avoid such accidents, the state government has introduced some guidelines to be followed in the industries to prevent mishaps and accidents. For example, employees must go through counterbalance forklift training or reach truck training before becoming professional forklift drivers.


What Does proper and thorough forklift safety instruction involve?


All forklift operators must have the appropriate training, which is a good safety practice and mandatory according to the law. According to the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER), all powered industrial vehicle operators must be taught and certified by their businesses.



A) Training Styles


Every employer is expected to create and implement a training programme that contains the following elements:


  • Training on safe lift truck operation
  • Specialised instruction on driving the specific model of vehicle used at work
  • The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) standard's general safety criteria.
  • Both formal and hands-on instruction should be included in proper training. While practical training would contain demonstrations and hands-on practice, formal training would involve lectures and videos shown in the classroom.


The PUWER outlines every training topic that is compulsory to teach; however, you can exclude any topics unrelated to your working environment.


B) When Training Should Take Place Before a New Hire Starting Work:


An employer must assess each employee to see if they are qualified to safely operate a powered industrial truck before allowing them to operate a lift truck. Even if the driver has prior forklift expertise, they still need to receive the appropriate training on the kinds of vehicles utilised at their workplace because each piece of equipment and each workplace are unique.


At least every three years:


Employers must ensure that forklift operators receive training and evaluations every three months.


C) Who Should Conduct The Instruction?


An experienced trainer must oversee training. Some reliable forklift training organisations can either send your operators to their facilities for the training or they can come to your premises to train your personnel.


D) What are Top Safety Procedures?


  • To operate a forklift safely, you should familiarise yourself with and practice the following recommended safety measures.
  • Do Pre-shift checks before you initiate driving.
  • Always make sure to mount the load securely and safely on the forks.
  • Keep your load elevated above the ground when moving your lift truck, tilting the forks back just enough to stabilise the weight.
  • Maintain a slow enough speed to stop within your stability triangle safely.
  • Keep your load pointing uphill while moving up an incline rather than down one.
  • When turning and driving on slick surfaces, go more slowly.
  • Drive on clear, debris- and hole-free surfaces.
  • You should honk your horn when you approach a junction or when your vision is unclear.




To get Forklift Training Birmingham, choose skilled instructors only as it is compulsory to undergo appropriate training to become a professional forklift driver. Most Employers also provide Forklift Training Birmingham to make you a proficient driver. They hire certified & insured trainers to confirm that they have enough experience & expertise to train you as an efficient forklift driver.

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